Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

When I looked out and saw my favourite place, as I walked towards my soulmate, I knew this time was forever.

So a garden wedding might not be for everyone but for this couple it was everything that they wanted. They loved their home and had worked really hard to build it together. They have had their fair share of scrapes and bumps in life but now they were ready to make those roots solid.

The festival vibe of the venue was just perfect for a wedding, which like the couple, was all about family and music.

There was so much fun and love in this gorgeous festival wedding .

Being outdoors in a lavender field is not for everyone but I loved it too. The dressing of the Betty’s Tipis event was staggeringly gorgeous. Everywhere was festooned with flowers and fairy lights. The bride and groom had used their music theme to great effect with CD covers denoting the name of guest’s tables. The photos by Mahoneys Wedding Pictures were picture perfect.

Beach Weddings are so romantic but again its not everyone’s cup of tea.

Beautiful and romantic beach weddings but the sand does get everywhere and you do need to arrange an early evening as this was to avoid the hot sun. This was Florida on the Mexican Gulf and it was hot but the beautiful wildlife as the sun was setting was awesome. We even had a dolphin fly by and a perfect visit by white ibis birds. Totally fitted the theme and this plaque.

The joy of a celebrant led wedding is the flexibility that can be offered. Religious elements alongside popular culture or even a pagan hand fasting ritual.

Your venue should be meaningful to you. It should be personal and precious. A beautiful building or a stunning view, your own home or a friends garden. I love building the ceremony around the couple, their wedding theme, if they have one and the venue. Its such a special thing to do.

I am currently developing a couple of new venues that I love and hope to be able to launch them here soon. One a golf club with stunning views and a relaxed, informal vibe. Perfect for a second time around wedding. Great facilities and the food is fab too. I am going to be their preferred celebrant and I love to add value to your day so I will be making a very special offer. One you just cant refuse !

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