What Flowers Should A Bride Use in Her Bouquet ?

This is a really difficult area to think about for your wedding day but you really should. Give it some thought that is and in plenty of time.

Natural hedgerow flowers can be used

There is the colour theme to think about. The Scent of the flowers, not all flowers smell lovely! Some can smell distinctly unpleasant. You need to avoid hard stems and certainly thorns and then there is the more complicated area of tradition in your family. It’s not just the royal brides that get stuck with wedding traditions.

Then there is the hidden meaning of the flowers that you choose, the symbolism that can say so much.

Lilies are often associated with death as well as purity

Lilies are a great example of how it can get complicated in a bridal bouquet. They are often associated with death. Their sweet smell was traditionally used to mask the scent of death. They can also stain a beautiful wedding dress in a heartbeat, so if you do choose these make sure the dark pollen stems are removed. Roses of course are our go to love flower but think again. The colour red is quite sensual and could look harsh against a white dress. I had a dozen red roses as my bouquet but my wedding was on Valentine’s Day so it seemed wholly appropriate and they did look really dramatic in the photos wrapped as they were in yards of red netting.

Freesias and lily of the valley are sweet smelling and very pretty but have a short season and wilt quite quickly too. So you can see it’s not so easy as choosing something that looks lovely. Availability must be checked for your big day.

I think that your approach to choosing flowers for your wedding bouquet should be as with all things wedding. Give yourself time to think it through and don’t let it slip onto the ‘too hard list.’

If your mum had roses and you don’t like them, maybe slip one in as a nod to family tradition. The mother of the bride will love telling that story.


Remembering others in your bouquet

If you want to remember those that cannot be at your wedding following their death a beautiful gesture is to have a sprig of rosemary in your flowers. This smells good and lasts well. It’s a small but thoughtful detail.

The most important thing is that your bridal bouquet can say so much and be meaningful to you. It isn’t just a collection of random flowers, it is an opportunity to say something, to express yourself, like the old Interflora advert used to say, “Say it with flowers.”

Always remember it’s your day and enjoy your choices. Don’t be overwhelmed. Be proud of yourself and make the most of every precious moment. As a Cumbrian wedding celebrant I’m well versed in tradition and symbolism but also in lots of creative and alternative choices.

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