Baby Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony is the event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult or relatives is given a name or names. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years.

Civil Celebrants now offer baby naming ceremonies which are the non-religious equivalent of a christening.

What happens at a Naming Ceremony?

There are six essential sections to a ceremony:

  • Welcome and Introduction to what will happen in the Ceremony
  • Reading
  • Naming of child
  • Parents’ Promises (in which they are able to dedicate themselves to the upbringing of the child)
  • Promises by Supporting Adults/Guide Parents
  • Closing Words

During the Ceremony there will be opportunities for readings, music and reflection. You may also wish to include additional sections, for example, reasons for the names, hopes for the future, parents’ vows to each other, grandparents’ promises, absent guests and a presentation of a gift to your child. I will only to happy to guide you through the planning process and to offer advice so that the Ceremony is personal to you and your child and everything runs smoothly on the day.

Parents will be make promises in which they dedicate themselves to the upbringing of the child and Supporting Adults/Guide Parents have the opportunity to make their own promises of love and friendship to the child and his/her parents. You may want to involve all your guests in the Ceremony by asking them to select something relevant to express their wishes for the child and/or to make their own promises to the child using a Tree of Promises.

The Ceremony closes with a presentation of a Commemorative Record of this special occasion.