A Simple Symbolic Sand Ceremony

This is a sand ceremony. A meaningful symbolic, moment in a ceremony, where participants pour sand into a receptacle which signifies the total commitment to each other. It would be impossible to separate the grains of sand. So it would be impossible to separate the couple.

Sand can be from a place you love or that is meaningful to you. It can be colours which are blended. It’s a lovely simple way to say…. ‘I do’

It’s a beautiful and simple way to show that this time it’s different. This time it’s something new and fresh. It’s always difficult for a second time around couple to demonstrate their absolute commitment to each other. A registry office wedding just won’t do that. So try thinking outside of the box. Go fresh, go different. A celebrant led ceremony can give you that feeling of tradition or alternative, high end boutique or low key elopement.

Whatever you choose I can make it simply beautiful.